Omega Learning® Center is the community's "Educational Resource" for a wide variety of diversified tutoring programs and services.



Math Tutoring: Our customized math tutoring program helps students in grades K-12 achieve success in all math school courses and levels, including fundamental math, algebra, calculus, geometry, trigonometry, Math I, Math II, Math III, and Advanced Functions and Modeling. Omega's comprehensive math tutoring program includes five key objectives: math remediation, math homework help, math study skills, math test preparation, and math application/enrichment. Program length ~ 95 hours



Reading Tutoring: Our customized reading/language arts tutoring program helps students of all ages for all reading school courses and levels, including beginning reading, phonics, social studies, history, grammar, language arts, writing, English/literature, and AP and Honors reading courses. Omega's comprehensive reading tutoring program includes five key objectives: reading remediation, reading and language arts homework help, reading study skills, reading test preparation, writing skills, and reading enrichment. Program length ~ 95 hours



SAT/ACT* Prep: Our proprietary OutpAce® Test Prep programs include a full length Evaluation Test, strategic remediation, validated test-taking strategies, and thorough review of practice test sections. ACT* Prep includes science. Preparation for the New SAT* is available including its new format, content, and scoring. Program packages ~ 12, 22, 45 hours


Test Prep

SSAT, GED, SSEE, ASVAB, ITBS Test Prep: Omega's customized programs offer prep for ANY test, including the SSAT, GED, SSEE, ASVAB, ITBS, as well as school/program-specific tests/ entrance exams. We evaluate standards mastery and prepare learners for high-stakes exams. Program length ~ 45-95 hours (Exam proctoring available.)


Omega Online

Omega Learning® Online: Omega offers a wide variety of Internet-based, K-12 school courses, which are available virtually anytime, anywhere. Our Online students are not confined to a traditional school schedule and have the option to enroll in multiple or individual courses, benefit from dual-enrollment, or achieve credit recovery. Program length - Customized



Writing Skills: Omega's customized writing skills program helps students of all ages develop and improve structural and creative writing skills, including research, grammar, spelling, punctuation, editing, revising, and handwriting. Program length ~ 45 hours



Enrichment: Omega's customized enrichment program provides students with the challenging curriculum and critical thinking skills needed for accelerated growth in reading or math. Students may benefit from subject/course acceleration and advancement. Program length ~ 45 hours


Spanish / ESOL

Spanish (All Levels)/ESOL: Omega's customized Spanish tutoring program may include all levels of Spanish from beginning to advanced, and includes conversational and written Spanish, guided homework help, and validated test preparation skills. If English is your second language, our program can help you develop the English skills needed to achieve success in our highly competitive schools. Students build vital communication skills by learning the fundamentals of reading and writing in English. Program length ~ 45 hours



Kindergarten Success: Our comprehensive Kindergarten Success program provides children, ages 4-7, with a strong academic foundation. Students build important critical thinking skills, while learning the fundamentals of reading, writing, and math. Program length ~ 45 or 95 hours



Homework Help for Specific Subjects: Omega's Homework Help program covers ONLY homework help for specific school subjects including physics, chemistry, statistics, biology, humanities, physical science, history, English/literature, as well as all Honors and AP classes. Students must attend a minimum of two hours per week. Families can save by purchasing a 45-hour homework help package.



Project Help/Exam Proctoring: Omega's certified teachers are also available to help students understand and complete school-year OR summer projects. Families can save by purchasing a 45-hour tutoring package.



Summer Tutoring / Summer School: Omega's customized summer tutoring programs include a variety of academic and enrichment boot camps for math, reading and test prep. Our summer programs are specifically designed to help your student catch up and/or jump ahead before their next school year. Because of Omega's AdvancED accreditation, our customized summer school tutoring programs are available for class credit and/or credit recovery for high school courses.


Private School

Private School: Certain Omega Learning® centers also offer the services of our small group classroom private school, Omega Private Academy®, a rewarding alternative to a traditional public or private school. (Call Center Director to learn more about program availability at participating centers.) Program length ~ 10, 11, or 12 months

*ACT is a registered trademark of ACT, Inc., which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse this program. SAT, PSAT and AP are registered trademarks of the College Entrance Examination Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse this program.

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We love our tutor Peggy. She has completely changed our son’s understanding of math and increased his confidence. He never wants to miss a session with Peggy.

I like that [FIRST NAME REMOVED] has very kind tutors. I like their feedback also. I like that they will tutor my daughter in college classes. We have gone over one hour in our sessions and they do not charge extra.

They have developed a good rapport with our son and with what strategies to use where he wants to learn. Also has a small business attention to details and values their students and their parents, even though it is a franchise.

Everyone there is easy to work with, flexible, and knowledgeable.

The hole experience really changed my daughters attitude and gave her the confidence to go back to school. I gave her the option to stop when school starts and to my hole family's surprise she still wants to continue! Good on you and your program!